Sunday, April 15, 2012

Released the Be Vimmer Twitter bot

Yesterday I released a Twitter bot called Be Vimmer.

What is Be Vimmer?

Be Vimmer is a bot application that tweets Vim commands and their usage periodically.

The commands are randomly taken from the Vim Documentation. The number of commands are more than 1000! If you want to be a good Vimmer, follow Be Vimmer and learn lots of Vim commands in your Timeline!

Technical Information

Be Vimmer is running on Heroku Scheduler and Ruby on Rails. If you are interested in that, please visit my Github.

And more

  • As for EX Commands, they appear every 6 hours.
  • Be Vimmer for Japanese and Chinese versions are also available. 
  • The portal site for Be Vimmer is here. But currently not so rich contents... :(
  • I wrote more detailed information in Japanese.
  • Enjoy Vim and Be Vimmer!

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